Hi, I’m Nancy...

Let me share with you what I love to do and who I love doing it for.
I’m not a complete melancholy but I am able to entertain myself for hours at a time and never leave home. I would be one of those who did not find Covid to be much of an inconvenience. My mind is thoroughly occupied and my need for creativity is met manipulating photos that I have taken, photos that my clients wish to print or producing collectives to commemorate trips I and others have made.
Here is a good example of what Photo Manipulation is and why I am such a fan of it.
My cousin Jay, on the left, posted this picture to Facebook. It was made at Todd and Jacque’s wedding in 1986 and includes my brother Jeff on the right. It is one of the best ever taken of me and I am pretty sure I have not looked like that since.
So, I like it and I want to have it to remember me by. This is where Photo Manipulation comes in.
Step 1 requires that I remove everything else from the photo. Now I have myself to work with and create around.
Step 2 I generally enhance my photos in Adobe, either Photoshop or Lightroom. Once I like how it looks I go into Procreate on my iPad to work on my edges.
Step 3 finds me looking, in this case, to find something to where - as you will notice I have no arms. This part is a lot like Paper Dolls, remember how fun that was?
I really like this blazer as painted by Autumn Yang on Instagram.
Had to say goodbye to Kate and Meghan as well as everything about Diana with the exception of the blazer. Had to lose the Poppies too. Back to Procreate to erase, draw, paint and enhance.
Step 4 has me looking for a background. Again, I found a great shot on Instagram of a balcony scene. Now you are probably thinking, “Can she use photos on Instagram?” Here is what I learned when I did interior design. A client picked out a fabric and I found it for her at the Decorative Center. BUT. She found it cheaper at High Fashion. Whaaaaat!?! It appeared to me to be an exact copy. But it wasn’t. I called the manager who informed me if you make even a 10% change in an image it is no longer an exact copy. So there you go.
Step 5 has me looking for accessories for the transition from my neck to my body. For something like this I shop Google Images. Orange is always a complement to navy, right? Before I call the image complete I will use IColorama, Topaz, On1 and Corel Painter to take it all to the point of being a painting.
So, now for the REAVEAL, “Ta-Daa!!”
Is it me? Sure it’s me, it’s as me as this little painting from the 18 century when painters would travel around with paintings already completed sans the face. They would paint the faces of their various clients when they stopped to make a sale. Here’s a body waiting for a face.
Now, are you ready to have some work done? On you, your beloved, your dog or “en famille?” Call or email, “Let’s discuss.”
EMAIL: nbc21485@me.com
PHONE: 713.973.9590